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  • International Conference on
    Food Processing &Technology

    Theme : Exploring latest techniques and developments in Food Processing & Technology
    August 12 - 14, 2019, Rome, Italy

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International food technology conference.

Scientific Live

Scientific Live has come into being with a  mission to take science and technology -its fruits and benefits to every doorstep of the people across the nations. We, at ScientificLive organize conferences and events on science and technologies; the advancements made in the fields; technologies are in use; discoveries; the status of research and how well the benefit of cure  made ready to people at  in the world. The conferences  conducted on platforms at locales across the technology conference It's a golden  for the science community , Researchers around the globe and everyone concerned to reap the benefits of wisdom, knowledge, and expertise by taking the part in our  Conference on Food Processing &Technology, held in Rome, Italy from August 12 to 14, 2019.

 Conference on Food Processing &Technology.

Food Technology - a science which deals with the techniques and principles involved in processing and preserving the food substances. .food processing technology , the transformation of  ingredients by physical or chemical means into food or of food into either forms.

The conference focuses on the advancements in the techniques and research that  going on in the field of Food Technology. we  needed to know about the advancements in the field of  overnutrition  as in the comtemporary scenario research on food science will have greater impact on food sufficiency and quality. The demand for food being great and with increasing diseases it'sbetter to know of the improvements in the field.Food technology conference

Who Can Participate in This Conference:

  • Food technologists
  • food processing specialists
  • dieticians
  • nutritionists
  • microbiologists
  • virologists
  • pathologists
  • chemists
  • biochemists
  • toxicologists
  • genetic engineers
  • scientists
  • doctors
  • professors
  • students
  • food inspectors
  • hotels and their staffs
  • research organizations and

people whose interests lie in food science and its sub-fields are welcome to participate in this noble conference.

The Benefits One Reaps by Attending This Conference:

This International food technology conference gives extraordinary opportunities to all of the individuals to acknowledge what creative types of progress were made and stands to get a ton by making sense of how those mechanical advances sway your calling and your employment life through sharing and knowing from others the data, capacities, dominance, experience, investigate notes, relevant examinations and database in sustenance science and its sub-fields.

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Renowned Speakers

Renowned Speakers

Prof. Kathleen L. Hefferon

Prof. Kathleen L. Hefferon

University of Toronto, Canada, Professor
Asst Prof. Daniel Cozzolino

Asst Prof. Daniel Cozzolino

Associate Professor Australia
Asst Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Shafi Abdel-Samie

Asst Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Shafi Abdel-Samie

Associate Professor China,
Prof. Junji Yodoi

Prof. Junji Yodoi

Professor Japan
Prof. Andre Fioravante Guerra

Prof. Andre Fioravante Guerra

Professor Brazil

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Travel Information


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Location:  Rome, Italy